• Coached players to immortal

    Coached players to immortal

  • 100+ Coaching Sessions

    100+ Coaching Sessions

  • 100+ Hours of coaching

    100+ Hours of coaching

  • Radiant


    2023 - today


I can guarantee you will gain a minimum of 300 rr within a month and if you don’t, you get the next session for free. I have tons of experience, as I’ve given coaching to over 100 students now and have a 99% success rate.

I find replay reviews way more benefiticial for me as a coach and you as a player. It is way easier to identify mistakes through a replay than a live session and I can always review the footage twice to make sure I don’t miss anything.

I will go above and beyond to help you. I will provide reasons as to why your positioning could be bad and how to improve it. How you should place your smokes. When to use util and how. The proper way to isolate gun fights. Peaking with teammates. How to properly IGL.

Just dm me on discord and I will show you the full list of my vouches! (pon_val)

Get +300rr or your next session is free

Hey, my name is Pon, I’m 16 year old valorant coach. I’m from Portugal, I started coaching back in March so I’d say I’m pretty experienced. I reached top 100 on the EU leaderboard. I’ve got some students to immortal, and currently working on getting them to Radiant.
Things you can expect to learn from me are:
  • Aim and Precision: Exceptional aiming skills.
  • Game Knowledge: In-depth understanding of game mechanics.
  • Communication: Effective communication with teammates.
  • Teamwork: Excel in team coordination.
  • Adaptability: You will learn to adapt to changing situations, opponents’ strategies, and game patches to stay competitive.
  • Recoil Control: Weapon recoil and spray patterns.
  • Game Sense: Gain a keen awareness of the game flow.
  • Map Control: Mastery of map control.
  • Utility Usage: Utilize agent abilities effectively.
  • Positioning: Know where to position yourself.
  • Economy Management: Making wise purchasing decisions and managing the team’s economy.
  • Decision-Making: Make rapid, informed decisions.
  • Leadership: Take on leadership roles, guiding your team, making tactical decisions, and providing motivation.

The offline VOD review is ideal to do a first analysis of your gameplay with your coach. In around 30 minutes your coach will identify what areas you should improve in to see results quick.

In around 90 minutes, your coach dives deeper into your gameplay. TOGETHER you will watch one or two VODs of your gameplay and he will give you detailed tips on how you should improve your play. You will keep the analysis and can rewatch it as often as you want.

In a live unranked or even ranked game your coach will watch over your shoulder. In around 90 minutes you will get valuable live input about your game. After you will go over your game quickly to identify the next steps you should take to rank up.

Get in touch with your coach and ask him directly how you could benefit from a first coaching session. Learn in around 15 minutes what he brings to the table and why you will gain rating after a coaching session in no time!

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  • Price back guarantee
  • 31 days of coached supervision
  • 120mins of in-depth coaching sessions
  • Individual 1-on-1 coaching
  • Personalized trainingplans
  • Detailed gameplay analysis
  • Your coach is available anytime