• Clutch Series Vol. 7

    Clutch Series Vol. 7

    1st PLACE · 2020

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    Clutch Series Vol. 5

    1st PLACE · 2020

  • Circuito Tormenta

    Circuito Tormenta

    Top 5 · 2023

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    Grand Master



My coaching methods have proven themselves again and again over many years of teaching experience both in multiple esports titles and even outside of gaming.

I‘ll be able to adapt to each coachee individually and give you exactly what you need to get what you want.

That depends on what you want and need. Generally I start off with the basics in the first few sessions to build a solid foundation for the future.

Everyone only has limited time and resources, inside and outside the game. So it comes down to managing them efficiently to create the best results possible.

Of course I can pick you up on any level at the game and tailor my coaching to prepare you for that next big step.


As a full time Guitarist both in an Orchestra and teaching I know all about synergising as a team creating something incredible.

I can teach you individually to maximize your potential, fulfill your position and I‘m also very experienced in working with complete teams. Having over 15+ years of esports experiencience, starting with Counter Strike then Overwatch and now also Valorant I‘ve mastered all the principles of first-person-shooters. 

I‘ve helped many players and teams develop very quickly to reach their goals and I can‘t wait to help you do the same!

The basic coaching session is ideal to do a first analysis of your gameplay with your coach. In around 30 minutes you and your coach will identify what areas you should improve in to see results the easiest and the quickest. 

Learn how to position your crosshair, what sensitivity to choose or how to place your hand on the mouse. Book a 30-minute long training session that entirely focuses on how to enhance your overall aim skill in no time.

Get more value out of your gameplay by improving your positioning. Learn how to use cover correctly, how to use space for your advantage and how to outplay your opponents by standing the right way in a 30-minutes long coaching session.

Expand your horizon by learning new ways to play your favorite hero or agent. Let your coach teach you ways to get more value out of your hero/agents or get to know how to learn new ones quick in 30 minutes.

Stay in the best mental shape possible and overcome losses easy. Learn in a 30-minute session how to stay focused on the most important parts to get the next rank-up as quickly as possible.

In around 45 minutes, dive deeper into your gameplay with your coach. Discuss detailed plans what to improve and how. Have a longer personalized coaching session and come out of your coaching with valuable insights!

Get in touch with your coach and ask him directly how you could benefit from a first coaching session. Learn in around 15 minutes what he brings to the table and why you will gain rating after a coaching session in no time!

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  • Price back guarantee
  • 31 days of coached supervision
  • 120mins of in-depth coaching sessions
  • Individual 1-on-1 coaching
  • Personalized trainingplans
  • Detailed gameplay analysis
  • Your coach is available anytime
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    1st PLACE · 2021

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