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Getting a coaching session with Maheavy will give you a lot of insights of how professional players play.

Starting at 9,99


Valorant coach Pon has helped hundreds of players already to achieve new ranks. His promise: Get +300rr or free coaching.

Starting at 9,99


Archy plays Valorant since launch, hit Immortal 2 as a player and will help you to achieve your next peak in no time!

Starting at 8,99


With over 10 years of experience in FPS Udz made it to Radiant. Learn from him what it needs to belong to the best players.

Starting at 9,99



Search and pick the coach you think fits you the most. Not sure who? PM them on Discord or book a free trial session with them.


Simply choose one or multiple coaching offer without the need for an account. We recommend to start with a basic session.


Get in touch with your coach either by yourself or get messaged by him/her. Plan the session ahead to fit your timeschedule.

Know what you are doing wrong

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Our personalized Valorant coaching is a transformative experience tailored to your unique strengths and weaknesses. Our expert coaches will analyze your gameplay, providing invaluable insights and tailored strategies to elevate your skills. Through one-on-one mentoring, you’ll gain newfound confidence and overcome mental barriers. Get your personal coach by taking a month long subscription and strengthen the connection between you and your new mentor.


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Overwatch tournament November

Overwatch tournament November

16. November 2023


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You can check out different Valorant coaches by scheduling free sessions with them. Also you can hit them up on Discord and ask them any question you like. Afterwards there is the possibility to buy a basic coaching session for a low amount to see if the coach you choose fits your needs.

Yes! With our unique approach to coaching you can choose in what area you need training the most. If you are unsure where to practice first you can simply book a cheap first basic session and then choose in which areas you need improvement the most. We offer a tailor-made coaching offer to you.

Our coaches mostly supervise and train our own Valorant teams. Therefore we have full trust in their coaching skills. We choose them based on their personality as well as in-game and team experience. Our coaches are not just high ranked players, but experienced individuals in the competitive Valorant community.

As stated in the first question there is the possibility to schedule a free session with any of our coaches. You can find the form for that just below these FAQ.

We have a great community based around our Discord server. You can find all of our Valorant coaches and teams there. So mainly all of our communication happens over Discord but if you like you can discuss other forms of communication with your coach.

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Level Up Your Game with Valorant Coaching

In the rapidly growing esports ecosystem of Valorant, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. Elevate your gameplay with top-notch Valorant coaching, a game-changer for aspiring players. Coaching Valorant involves personalized guidance from seasoned experts who analyze your gameplay, fine-tune your skills, and boost your overall performance.

Youscrim also offers team environments where players can join one of our existing teams. Those teams get supervised by coaches who help them not only getting better at the game but to form better team structures. With better structures teams will last longer and can compete in more competitions. With years of experience they know how to structure players to play their best as a unit. 

Discover the Power of a Valorant Coach

A proficient Valorant Coach is the ultimate game-changer for players and teams striving for excellence in Riot Games’ tactical shooter. A good Coach possesses in-depth knowledge, experience, and exceptional communication skills. They analyze players’ gameplay to identify strengths and weaknesses, crafting personalized training plans that focus on strategy, map awareness, teamwork, and individual skills.

With the guidance of a skilled Coach, players can master advanced techniques, enhance decision-making, and gain a competitive edge, not only in Valorant but in Overwatch as well. For teams, a Coach fosters synergy, effective communication, and tactical coordination, ultimately leading to triumph on the battlefield. Embrace the opportunity to level up your game with a Valorant Coach and conquer the challenges of this exhilarating esport!

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