For many players Genji in the opponent team is hard to handle. But he doesn’t have to be. Here are 3 tips how you can counter him better in Overwatch 2.

piccture of genji from overwatch ai made

Key takeaways

  • Change your hero depending on what role you play
  • Watch out for when he uses his abilities
  • If you play tank switch to Winston or Zarya
  • If you play support switch to Lucio, Brigitte or Moira
  • If you play DPS switch to Cassidy or Mei

What to switch to when playing Tank

Winston, excels at countering Genji due to his disruptive nature and consistent damage output. Genji relies heavily on mobility to dash in and out of combat, but Winston’s Tesla Cannon creates a consistent area of effect damage, making it challenging for Genji to escape unscathed. Moreover, Winston’s Jump Pack ability allows him to pursue Genji when he attempts to Swift Strike away, ensuring that the cyborg ninja cannot find a safe haven. His Barrier Projector can also block Genji’s shurikens and protect his team from the ninja’s deadly ultimate, Dragonblade.

Zarya, counters Genji by utilizing her Particle Cannon. As Zarya absorbs incoming damage, her energy level increases, and this translates into boosted damage output. When Genji tries to engage, Zarya can use her Particle Barrier to soak up his attacks, thereby boosting her energy and enabling her to deal devastating damage to Genji. Her Graviton Surge ultimate can group up the enemy team, making it easier for her teammates to focus fire on Genji and eliminate him efficiently. With well-timed barriers and high energy, Zarya becomes a formidable obstacle for Genji’s assassinations.

Together, Winston and Zarya offer a potent combination of disruption, area control, and damage that makes them excellent Genji counters in the Overwatch arena.

What to switch to when playing DPS

Cassidy stands out as a counter due to his precise hitscan revolver. Genji relies on his agility and rapid movements to avoid damage, but Cassidy’s accuracy can quickly eliminate the cyborg ninja. Cassidy’s Sticky Granade can be an easy counter to Genji because of how easy it is to it. The grenade slows and damages Genji. Additionally, Cassidy’s ultimate, Deadeye, allows him to lock onto Genji, often resulting in an instant takedown, even through Genji’s Deflect ability if used strategically.

Mei, the ice-wielding scientist, presents another strong counter to Genji. Her primary fire, the Endothermic Blaster, slows Genji down significantly, making him an easier target for both her and her teammates. Mei’s Ice Wall ability can be used to separate Genji from his team or block his escape routes, preventing him from fleeing once engaged. Her Cryo-Freeze ability allows Mei to survive Genji’s Dragonblade ultimate, and her crowd control with Freeze can quickly lock him in place, making him an easy target for elimination.

What to switch to when playing support

As a support player there are a lot of ways to counter Genji. Even as Ana or Mercy you can use your abilities correctly to dodge him. If you really struggle to fight him you should pick one of these heroes:


As Lucio you can easily avoid Genji and support others by using your second fire mode. The secondary fire mode creates a shockwave that pushes Genji away. Its low cooldown makes it so reliable. Also lucios fast movement speed and wall riding can make it hard for Genji to hit you.


Same as with Lucio you can support others or defend yourself by using your Rocket Flail ability. With this ability you can push Genji far away, giving you or your teammate enough space to operate.


The easiest answer to Genji is Moira. With Moira you can easily pressure him by locking onto Genji and damage him with your primary fire. If you feel yourself pressured too much you can still fade away towards safety.