Genji still is one of the best DPS heroes in the game, even after a bunch of nerfs. Learning how to master him takes time and practice. Here are some tips you should focus on to get better at him.

Key takeaways

  • Practise a lot!
  • Learn to use Genjis abilities at the right time. E. g.: don’t waste your dash or deflect
  • Aiming is still an important part of Genji as a projectile hero
  • Use workshops to get familiar with his playstyle
  • Review and learn from your gameplay

Understand Genji’s Abilities

One of the key steps to becoming a better Genji player in Overwatch is to thoroughly understand his abilities. Genji in Overwatch 2 is a highly mobile and versatile hero, and each of his skills has a specific purpose. Take the time to study his Shuriken, Deflect, Swift Strike, and Dragonblade abilities. Learn when and how to use them effectively, whether it’s for dealing damage, escaping danger, or securing eliminations.

Your deflect as an example should mostly be used reactively to get into a better position when dropping low. The same way you can use his Swift Strike. Get into a better position or finish off a target. Learn when to use which ability.

Work on Your Aim and Accuracy

Genji’s primary fire, Shuriken, requires precision aiming to maximize your damage output. Practice your aim in custom games or with aim training tools to consistently land headshots and eliminate enemies quickly. Hitting targets accurately with Shuriken not only increases your damage but also builds your Ultimate faster, giving you more opportunities to unleash Dragonblade at the right moment.

Use Workshops to learn basic mechanics

There are plenty of workshops ingame you can use to learn basic genji mechanics. Get better at aiming, use your swift strike better or get better at maxing out your ultimate. Here are three genji workshop codes you could try: 3PWX2, 36K1N or J90ZF.

Master Swift Strike for Mobility

Swift Strike is Genji’s dash ability, which not only deals damage but also resets when you secure an elimination. Learning to use Swift Strike efficiently is crucial for your mobility and survivability. Practice dash resets by securing quick eliminations with Shuriken headshots and follow up with Swift Strike to swiftly escape or engage.

Review and Learn from Your Gameplay

To truly get better at Overwatch Genji, you must review your gameplay. Record and analyze your matches to identify areas where you can improve. Take note of your mistakes, positioning errors, and missed opportunities. Learning from your experiences is one of the most effective ways to progress as a Genji player.

In conclusion, mastering Genji in Overwatch takes time and dedication. Understanding his abilities, honing your aim, mastering Swift Strike, timing your engagements, and consistently reviewing your gameplay are the key steps to becoming a formidable Genji player. With practice and perseverance, you can climb the ranks and contribute significantly to your team’s success. So, get out there, and let the dragon consume your enemies!