Youscrim Community Overwatch SoloQ Tournament

What is the tournament about?

Our Youscrim Community Overwatch SoloQ tournament is our classic attempt to give everyone the opportunity to experience a tournament in a team. Players can register alone and will be placed within a fitting team by our moderators. Therefore we are trying our best to guarantee a fair matchmaking process.

How does it work?

The idea behind the SoloQ Tournament is that you enter it as a solo player without any restriction of skill rating. You can register until the 30th of Septembe by filling out the form below.

After the registration phase moderators will create teams based on preferred roles and skill rating. As soon as the teams are created moderators will ping you on our discord server and announce all teams.

Finally on tournament day all teams will battle it out for a pricepool of 90€.

Everything will be communicated via Discord! In order to participate in this tournament you have to join our Discord Server <-

You can find the entire ruleset here <-

Most important facts

Everything you have to know summarized:

Registration until: 30th September 11:59pm

Tournament Day: 1st October

Start Time: 3:00pm


1st place: 60€

2nd place: 30€

Registration closes in