• DreamHack Beyond Community Clash EU 2021

    DreamHack Beyond Community Clash EU 2021

    2nd PLACE · 2021

  • Open Division Season 3

    Open Division Season 3

    Top 12 EU · 2021

  • Open Division 2023 Spring Qualifier

    Open Division 2023 Spring Qualifier

    Top 16 EU · 2023

  • Multiple Top 500 finishes

    Multiple Top 500 finishes

    Peak#35 EU · 2023


You can expect me to go over your desired focus in in-depth both micro and macro. At the end of the session I will also give you customized notes based on yourself to focus on next. From highest to lowest priority.

All you have to prepare is a replay code from either one of your Rank or Scrim games and the desire to learn!

I’ve started playing Overwatch in 2018, and started competing in Scrims in 2019. I’ve also started coaching near the end of 2019 and have been doing it ever since.

Yes, I am able to Coach both low and high rank. My lowest coachee was at the bottom of bronze with 800sr and my highest coachee was a Top500 player at 4300sr.

In my opinion, the most important thing for improvement is that you go into it with an open mind, knowing that you are not perfect and WILL make mistakes. But we’re Human, it’s totally okay to make mistakes. Even I’m still making mistakes and am still improving myself.


Hey, I’m Tsuyoku!

I am a 4.5+ / T500 player who has been coaching for around five years now. I have both macro and micro knowledge and can coach low as well as high ranks.

My lowest Coachee being 800sr (ow1) and my highest being 4400sr (ow1). My explanations are very simple to understand since I rarely use fancy words.

The basic coaching session is ideal to do a first analysis of your gameplay with your coach. In around 30 minutes you and your coach will identify what areas you should improve in to see results the easiest and the quickest. 

In around 45 minutes, dive deeper into your gameplay with your coach. Discuss detailed plans what to improve and how. Have a longer personalized coaching session and come out of your coaching with valuable insights!

Learn how to position your crosshair, what sensitivity to choose or how to place your hand on the mouse. Book a 30-minute long training session that entirely focuses on how to enhance your overall aim skill in no time.

Expand your horizon by learning new ways to play your favorite hero or agent. Let your coach teach you ways to get more value out of your hero/agents or get to know how to learn new ones quick in 30 minutes.

Get in touch with your coach and ask him directly how you could benefit from a first coaching session. Learn in around 15 minutes what he brings to the table and why you will gain rating after a coaching session in no time!

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  • Price back guarantee
  • 31 days of coached supervision
  • 2 in-depth coaching sessions
  • Individual 1-on-1 coaching
  • Personalized trainingplans
  • Detailed gameplay analysis
  • Your coach is available anytime
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    1st PLACE · 2021

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    1st PLACE · 2021

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