One of the easiest and beginner friendliest hero in the game is Overwatch 2’s Cassidy. He is a “hitscan” hero and is the best pick if you come from other FPS titles due to his playstyle.

picture of Cassidiy from overwatch 2

Key takeaways

  • Practise and review your gameplay!
  • Aim is the most important part. Train it by using Workshops
  • Correct usage of abilities can give you an edge over the opponent
  • Position yourself correctly and be close to cover
  • Highnoon can be a game changer. Practice the execution

The Art of Precision Shooting

Overwatch 2’s Cassidy’s primary weapon, the Peacekeeper, is a six-shooter with deadly accuracy and a high damage output. To excel with this hero, your aiming skills must be sharp. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

  • Headshots Are Everything: Hitting headshots is essential to maximize Cassidy’s damage potential. Spend time in the training range to work on your aiming skills, ensuring that you can consistently land those critical shots.

  • Understanding Effective Range: Cassidy excels at mid-range combat. To capitalize on this, position yourself strategically to engage enemies within this range. This will help you maintain your accuracy and effectiveness.

  • Practice Tracking and Flick Shots: Cassidy’s kit demands both tracking and flick shots. Tracking is crucial for keeping your aim on fast-moving targets, while flick shots are necessary for those quick, precise headshots.

Having the best aim possible is crucial for this hero. In Overwatch 2 Cassidy doesn’t rely on damaging abilities, that’s why he relies heavely on his aim. Another way to practice his shooting and your aim is to hop ingame and choose a workshop. Here is a nice workshop code you can try: VAXTA

Unleashing High Noon: Timing is Crucial

Cassidy’s ultimate ability, Deadeye, also known as High Noon, can be a game-changer when used strategically. However, it comes with a noticeable casting time. Here’s how to make the most of it:

  • Positioning is Key: Find a safe, concealed spot or take cover behind your team, away from the enemy’s line of sight. This grants you the element of surprise and keeps you out of harm’s way.
  • Exercise Patience and Perfect Timing: High Noon requires patience. Wait for the perfect moment to trigger it when your enemies are distracted, behind shields, or during a team skirmish. Rushing it often leads to disappointment.
  • Team Coordination: Communicate with your teammates to create opportunities for your ultimate. Have your tank initiate to draw the enemy’s attention or use crowd control ultimates to immobilize opponents, making them sitting ducks for your Deadeye.


Leveraging Magnetic Grenade and Combat Roll: Overwatch 2 Cassidy’s Expert Tactics

In Overwatch 2, Cassidy’s utility extends beyond his Peacekeeper revolver. To become a truly skilled Cassidy player, you must master his Magnetic Grenade and Combat Roll abilities.

Magnetic Grenade

This skill is a game-changer, capable of altering the course of team battles. Aim the Magnetic Grenade at enemies, particularly those gathered around a shield tank. The grenade will stick at your enemy automatically and will explode after around one second. After exploding it will do damage, slow your opponent as well as preventing them from using abilities. So a very strong and usefull ability.

Combat Roll

While it might seem like a straightforward ability, Combat Roll has multiple applications. Use it to reload your Peacekeeper during a fight, ensuring you’re always ready for action. It can also be employed as a quick evasive maneuver, allowing you to reposition, escape dangerous situations, or engage foes from unexpected angles. Keep in mind that it provides a 75% damage reduction.

All abilities can be changed in the future. His combat role and magnetic grenade got changed multiple times already while Overwatch 2 is live.

Adapt your approach based on the situation, and always keep these abilities in your arsenal for maximum impact. Learn from your mistakes, watch your own replays and see how you could use your abilities differently.