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Fitting Valorant Teammates

Join our teams to play alongside friendly players, get coached by certified professionals, and participate in international tournaments to showcase your talents.

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Join our academy team to find your perfect teammates. No need to be lft Valorant. Have fun, train and compete. Start your journey towards greatness today!

Structured Valorant Scrims

» Play up to 5 times a week together with your team
» Weekly exchange with your assigned coach
» Clear preparation for tournaments with training plans and VOD reviews

Play and train with your Valorant team

Play alongside other players who share your passion and skill level in coordinated scrims. Build your teamwork and improve your abilities at lightning speed! Discover the joy of playing with like-minded people today and take your skills to the next level. Join us and turn your passion for gaming into a powerful tool for self-improvement and growth.

Valorant lft coaching trainingsplans

Trainingplans for you and your team

Our team now offers personalized training plans for players, catering to individual and team development. Our programs help you grow as a player and a crucial part of a successful team. Let's achieve greatness together with focus on your and your teams performance! Reach the next level in no time!

VOD reviews and preparation

Our academy team is dedicated to helping you reach your highest potential. We provide VOD reviews to identify areas for improvement, experienced coaches to develop strategies and tactics, and support to excel as a team. With that you are prepared for the next tournament.

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Our Academy Teams

Youscrim Academy Team

  • Stable team to play, train and compete with
  • Weekly coaching and regular scrims
  • Participate in international tournaments
  • VOD reviews, analysis and training plans
  • Performance monitoring
  • Social media coverage and support
  • Discord Roles and other benefits

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