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Our top Valorant coaches

Profile Picture of Valorant Coach Pon


Valorant coach Pon has helped hundreds of players already to achieve new ranks. He is a verteran in the coaching business and his promise is: Get +300rr after his sessions or get a free coaching session.

profile picture scaled of valorant coach archy


Archy is playing since the launch of Valorant, hit Immortal 2 and supervised plenty competitive teams in his career. He actively makes content around the game and helps player getting better since day one.

profile picture of valorant coach udz


Udz is not only a Radiant player but can give you valuable insight as a coach as well. He has coached hundreds of hours and can give you a proper trainingplan to improve not only your aim but your mechanics and game knowledge.

Profile picture Valorant Coach Maheavy


Getting a coaching session with Maheavy will give you a lot of insights of how professional players play. He coached not only world class players in Overwatch but also players in Valorant as well.

Our top Overwatch coaches


grandmaster icon overwatch tilip

Since the launch of Overwatch in 2016 Tilip grinded hundreds of hours into ranked and team play. Peaked at rank 12 in EU he can surely teach you how to master the ladder on your own and reach new peaks.

scaled profile picture of overwatch coach tsuyoku


top500 icon overwatch tsuyoku

Tsuyoku is a top 500 player and well known for beeing one of the best Ana players in europe. Besides beeing an excelent player he coaches multiple teams on a regular basis to prepare players for competition.


top500 cuffy overwatch

As a top500 console and PC player he is one of the best known UK coaches helping his students to become better player. Cuffy is a know coach in the Overwatch community and can teach you everything your need to succeed.

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Play and train with your team

Play together with like minded players in coordinated scrims. Our users have the opportunity to play with other players in a Valorant or Overwatch Team on a regular basis. Together with people your skill you will practise in coordinated scrims and improve your skills to become a better player more quickly!

» Players with the same skill, mindset and goals
» Supervision by certified coaches and managers
» Participation in international cups and tournaments

Team and individual Trainingplans

Unlike other teams, our players will receive individual and team oriented trainingplans. Our Valorant Coaching and Overwatch Coaching give you and your team guidance. At every level, individual and team training plans can be used to improve your gameplay. These will help you not only improve individually but also develop a better understanding of how to play together as a team.

In one of our friendly academy teams you will surely find the right teammates for your place in the competition. Start training and competing right away!

Professional VOD reviews

While beeing part of an academy team, players will receive regular VOD reviews, where they can identify what to improve. Our coaches will go in detail what the next steps for you and your team are.

» Play flexibly up to 5 times a week together with your team
» Weekly exchange with your assigned coach
» Clear preparation for tournaments with training plans and VOD reviews

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Our mission

Our goal is to develop an offer players are in need of and really want. Based on that we want to build an educational system, where we create a pathway for players to take in order to have an increased chance of getting into semi-professional esport. We see ourself as a launchpad into professionalism, where competitive players get in first contact with highly educated coaches and a more seriouse gaming envirounment.

How we achieve this

To closely work with our players is the most important factor for the success we are hoping for. Adjusting our offer, launching new ones or gathering ressources to give the players is the way we go. Such ressources could be the close contact to our certified coaches or to professional experts players are looking up to. Additionally we develope educational content players get most value out of.

✓ Focus on player oriented offer development

✓ Teams and player supervision by certified experts and coaches

✓ Educational content formats like workshops with invited guests

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