Jett is still one of the most played agents in Valorant. She is a duelist and her role is to crease space and entry frag. Here are some basic tips what you should look at when playing Jett.

ai generated picture of jett from valorant

Key takeaways

  • Learn key abilities
  • Her dash is an important tool
  • Gain space and create pressure as an entry agent

Dash ability

Since her dash is the most important tool in her arsenal, it’s the one thing that everyone knows Jett for. Tailwind now requires a brief activation period prior to usage following her most recent nerf. You start a countdown the instant you hit E to start your dash. Furthermore, as this ability is the foundation of Jett’s ability set, squandering it will cost you dearly.

Many players overlook an additional crucial piece of advice about Jett’s dash: you should assign a secondary key bind to this ability. Here’s why I usually utilize one of my mouse buttons for this. Tailwind should not require you to give up any of your WASD keys in order to use it. You may operate your mouse without affecting your movement in any direction by assigning a key bind to its buttons. It will take some getting accustomed to, but this is an essential feature, particularly when using your dash in tight circumstances like gunfights.

First fragging and entry

One of the better uses for her dash, to speak about it, is entering for your teammates. For your teammates, being able to toss a cloudburst and run into it (as demonstrated above) is quite valuable. Instead of being in the midst of the pack as Jett, you should be in the front, occupying space, and gaining entry kills.

Don’t give up on entering if you feel that your team isn’t helping you at all; instead, talk to them and ask for assistance. An entrance to a spike site is the most important asset someone can provide to their team in a ranking. As a result, you’ll quickly rise through the ranks if you can master this Jett feature.


Jett’s ability to get vertical is perhaps her second strongest attribute. Too many Jett players are not using this aspect of her equipment. Since most players won’t have their crosshairs positioned at vertical angles, this is crucial. They won’t be prepared to clear vertical angles unless they are typical angles, such as those found on top of Icebox displays, or unless they detect your updraft sound during a round or get information from a Sova dart. I could create an entire movie about Jett’s verticality, but for now, just have fun with it and keep in mind that you can vary your defense holds and peeks by using these vertical angles.

Bladestorm & Updraft

This is a wonderful segue into my following point regarding using your Bladestorm ultimate. First of all, unless you’re in a concealed position or on a flank, you should nearly never move with this ultimate out. Being extremely precise while moving and difficult to strike makes this ultimate extremely potent.

This ability works really well with Updraft since you can move accurately; in fact, there are various “lineups” that you may utilize to surprise your opponents.