Youscrim Club House Rules

  1. Each member is subject to the house rules and has to follow the instructions of the admins.
  2. Anyone who grossly violates the rules will be given a time-out of at least 24 hours on our Discord server without forbearance.
  3. Anyone who then breaks the rules again will be banned from the house, banned from the Discord server and not allowed to renew their membership.
  4. Each member undertakes not to negatively associate the name Youscrim.
  5. The rules of the Discord Server must be observed.
  6. Members may not openly speak negatively about other members.
  7. Toxic behavior is prohibited. This also includes hate speech, racist or misogynist statements.
  8. Members may not share members-only content.
  9. By accepting a membership, the valid General Terms and Conditions are accepted.
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