Community Management



One crucial aspect for good community management are regular events that are appealing for the core community.


Through constant communication with ones community an increase in engagement is possible which could lead to a higher conversion rate.


With the help of integrating partnerships other communities can be included in your own which increases the amount of potential customers.


Targeted community management can be used to achieve medium to long-term goals through specific activities.


Responding to comments or other community activity on social media expresses a sense of cohesion.


Whats most important to understand is that communities build around the same shared passion for something.


Whatever your goals are, with our knowledge in community management and marketing from years of experience coming from gaming and esport, with our services we can help you increase engagement, brand awareness, conversion or just overall activity.


As a gaming community, we use Discord to organize events, share game strategies and tips, and foster a sense of belonging among our members. Discord's customizable roles and permissions allow us to delegate responsibilities and empower community leaders. Other communities, not just gaming ones, can benefit from our experience with Discord by adapting our best practices and strategies to their specific needs. By using Discord as a tool for better community management, communities can increase their engagement, collaboration, and overall success.

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Community Management FAQ

Good community management can help a brand build a loyal following, increase customer engagement and satisfaction, and foster a positive brand image. By listening to and addressing customer feedback, community managers can create a more personalized and authentic relationship with customers, ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty and advocacy.

Effective community management requires a clear purpose and mission, consistent and transparent communication, active moderation and engagement, and a willingness to adapt and evolve over time based on community feedback and needs. Additionally, having dedicated and skilled community managers who understand the community’s values and goals is crucial for success.

There are several aspects where we can help your brand establishing a better community management:

  1. Developing goals that you want to achieve with your community
  2. Work out a strategy in order to reach these goals
  3. Onboarding community managers to execute the strategy
  4. Analysing
  5. Optimizing

The cost of good community management can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the community, the level of engagement and moderation required, and the number of platforms and tools used. Generally, it can range from a few thousand dollars per month for a small community to tens of thousands of dollars per month for larger and more complex communities.

A community is a group of people who share common interests, values, or goals and interact with each other regularly. Communities can provide various benefits, such as social support, a sense of belonging, opportunities for collaboration and networking, and a platform for collective action to achieve shared goals or address common challenges. In business, building and nurturing a community can lead to increased customer engagement, loyalty, and advocacy, ultimately driving business success.

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Discord community management offers numerous benefits for those looking to build and manage an online community. The platform provides a centralized space for real-time communication, allowing community members to interact and collaborate seamlessly regardless of their location. This creates a sense of belonging among members, ultimately leading to increased engagement and loyalty. Moreover, Discord’s moderation tools provide effective means of dealing with any issues that arise within the community. The platform’s automated moderation bots and ability to mute, ban, or kick users ensure that the community remains safe, welcoming, and free from toxic behavior. Overall, Discord community management provides a comprehensive suite of tools and features for building and managing an online community effectively. By leveraging these features, community managers can establish a positive and authentic relationship with their members, leading to increased engagement and advocacy over time.


Community marketing refers to the practice of building and nurturing a community of loyal customers around a brand or product. This involves creating a space where customers can interact, collaborate, and share their experiences with one another, ultimately leading to increased engagement and loyalty. Brands can benefit from community marketing in numerous ways. By fostering a strong and engaged community, brands can gather valuable feedback and insights about their products, services, and customer needs. They can also create a sense of belonging and connection among their customers, ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty and advocacy. Community marketing also provides a platform for brands to share their values, mission, and story with their customers in a more authentic and personalized way. By engaging with customers directly and building a relationship based on trust and transparency, brands can create a competitive advantage in their market.

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