Tsuyoku is a top 500 player and well known for beeing one of the best Ana players in europe. Besides beeing an excelent player he coaches multiple teams on a regular basis to prepare players for competition.

Basic Coaching starting at 6,99


Kajor is known for his educational Youtube Content, but also works with sports psychologist to enhance his coaching skills. He has experience in coaching PC and Console players.

Basic Coaching starting at 5,99


As a top500 console and PC player he is one of the best known UK coaches helping his students to become better player. Cuffy is currently coaching youscrims and other teams to sucessfully participate in cups and tournaments.

Basic Coaching starting at 6,99


Udz is a radiant player who started playing fps games in 2013. He is skillful in all matter regarding mechanics and fundamentals. With him you can learn how to master the solo queue.

Basic Coaching starting at 7,99€


Archy is playing since the launch of Valorant, hit Immortal 2 and supervised plenty competitive teams in his career. He actively makes content around the game and helps player getting better since day one.

Basic Coaching starting at 5,99€