Dogu 'Archy' Dindaroglu

  • Liquid Open 2022

    Liquid Open 2022

    3rd/4th PLACE · 2022

  • Challengers League PT

    Challengers League PT

    3rd/4th PLACE · 2023

  • Coached top 32 EU teams

    Coached top 32 EU teams

    2021 - 2023

  • Immortal 2 peak

    Immortal 2 peak

    Top 10k EU · 2022


I’ve been coaching in this game since the start of valorant and therefore know how to approach any situation, I have a lot of experience and dedication that other coaches may not have.

This is a major misconception, gamesense is a general topic not a specific topic that you can improve on by doing one thing. You can think of it as “gamesense” being a major topic and then below that topic there are subjects such as: “positioning”, “adaptability”, “timings” and much more.

For a live coaching session there is no need to prepare in advance. All you need is a decent connection to share your gameplay

However for a VOD review session you will need to record and upload a full match (preferably a loss or a bad match since my goal is to have you not get those bad matches anymore) and that’s it!


Hey, I’m Archy and when Valorant released I switched over from CSGO and I’ve been coaching it ever since.

During that time I’ve coached everyone from iron players to full time professional teams.

Thanks to my experience I know how to approach any situation, analyze problems to find your solutions. Since the game is always developing, I make sure to keep myself up to date on all aspects of the game by analyzing pro games and exchanging insights with other coaches.

The basic coaching session is ideal to do a first analysis of your gameplay with your coach. In around 30 minutes you and your coach will identify what areas you should improve in to see results the easiest and the quickest. 

Learn how to position your crosshair, what sensibility to choose or how to place your hand on the mouse. Book a 30-minute long training session that entirely focuses on how to enhance your overall aim skill in no time.

Get more value out of your gameplay by improving your positioning. Learn how to use cover correctly, how to use space for your advantage and how to outplay your opponents by standing the right way in a 30-minutes long coaching session.

Expand your horizon by learning new ways to play your favorite hero or agent. Let your coach teach you ways to get more value out of your hero/agents or get to know how to learn new ones quick in 30 minutes.

Stay in the best mental shape possible and overcome losses easy. Learn in a 30-minute session how to stay focused on the most important parts to get the next rank-up as quickly as possible.

Get in touch with your coach and ask him directly how you could benefit from a first coaching session. Learn in around 15 minutes what he brings to the table and why you will gain rating after a coaching session in no time!

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  • Price back guarantee
  • 31 days of coached supervision
  • 2 in-depth coaching sessions
  • Individual 1-on-1 coaching
  • Personalized trainingplans
  • Detailed gameplay analysis
  • Your coach is available anytime

Let the coach get a first glimse on how your team works and how it is set up. In a 30-minutes long basic session your coach will identify the most crucial areas of improvement.  Note: You can only add one basic session at a time.

Learn map specific advantages and disadvantages you and your team should know about. In a 30 minute long map training your coach will go over your most problematic maps and give you expert insights on how to play better on these.

In what combination do agents/heroes work best together and on what map? In a 30-minute long session your coach will discuss best practises for compositions on different maps with you.

In an in-depth training session your coach will evaluate if your teams communication is ready for the competition. Get to know what to call, when to call and when to be silent in a 30 minute session.

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  • Price back guarantee
  • 31 days of team supervision
  • 8 hours scrim live coaching
  • 4 hours VOD reviews
  • Detailed gameplay analysis
  • Team trainingplans
  • Message your coach anytime
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    1st PLACE · 2021

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    1st PLACE · 2021

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