We are Your Esport Club from Cologne

Our vision is to be the first port of call for all ambitious competitors who want to pursue the dream of an esport career.

Make esports more attractive as a career path

We have set ourselves the goal of making esports in europe more sustainable. We want to give more gamers a real chance at a career in esports.

Giving players the recognition they deserve

Too little attention is paid to players who put in a remarkable performance. We want to give skilled players the recognition and homes they deserve.

Certified trainers

We work with certified coaches with whom we want to shape the future of young players in a positive way.

Violence and addiction prevention

behavior in esports

protection of minors

Esports Coach Training

Our team trainers undergo precise training from the eSports Federation of Germany. During this training, they receive valuable knowledge that helps them deal with their players. The aim of this training is to pass the exam to obtain the E-Sports Trainer License-C.

In addition to the training, our trainers draw their knowledge from selected literature. This includes the book by Markus Möckel, in which the pedagogical handling of players in relation to their individual development plays an important role.

To the content of the training
To the contents of the book

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Start-up from Cologne

Youscrim GmbH is an up-and-coming start-up based in Cologne. In the middle of the Rhenish metropolis we have many opportunities to grow as a company.

The esports capital

Cologne is known for its rich esports history. The first ESL Counter Strike tournaments took place in the Media Park. Even today, the city still brings thousands of fans to the Lanxess Arena every year. Gamescom also unites millions of gaming and e-sports fans in the halls of the exhibition center every year.